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The new Feed-in Tariff rules and rates for 2016






DECC has confirmed that the new FiT rate will be 4.39p/kWh for Domestic installations up to 10kW which will come into effect on February 8th 2016.

There are a number of other key areas within the report, most notably, the pause period which will be from the 15th January 2016 until 8th February 2016 where any installation made between those dates will not be eligible for the previous rate and no registrations will be accepted until February 8th.


Tariffs for Q1 2016

The following tariffs apply from 8 th February (but see the information below on the scheme pause, which means that in effect these tariffs apply from 15th January). DECC’s tariffs target a 4.8% rate of return for solar.

fit table