How much can they save me?

Huge savings can be made from replacing the existing lamps in your home with LED lamps. Even if you already have energy saving lamps installed the benefits from investing in them can produce a great return.

Below is our calculator to help give you an estimate of what you could save per year in your home. We have included the most common lamps that you will find in your home, but if you have any other different lamps and would like to know the saving you could make please call us on 01743 367221 or use the Contact tab on the left hand menu.


This is the standard lamp you would usually find hanging down in the centre of the room.


Usually found in down light fittings or spot lights.


Commonly used in lamps and decorative fittings.


Commonly used in lamps and decorative fittings.

Using the Calculator

1. Walk around your home and count up the number of each type of lamp you have, and also note the wattage of each one.
2. Estimate the average time (across a year) in hours that each lamp is usually used per day.
3. Using the Calculator below enter the numbers into the Green areas, and press enter when done. If you make a mistake or change the wrong figures by accident, just refresh the web page.
4. The estimated saving per year for each lamp is shown on the right, and the total estimated saving for all lamps is shown at the bottom.
5. Realise your potential savings, and then visit the Go Green Store to start saving straight away.
note: you can also change the cost of the electric to forecast energy price rises.