LED Lighting

What are LED Lamps?

led lamp

An LED lamp is a light-emitting diode (LED), or several diodes in a cluster, that are assembled into a lamp shaped body (or light bulb) for use in replacing existing lamps in lighting fixtures. Because of their unique design LED lamps have a much greater lifespan, and also the energy efficiency of LED lamps can save you up to 90% electricity compared to incandescent lamps, and up to 50% more than most fluorescent lamps or tubes.

Most energy saving lamps can take minutes to warm up properly and reach their output brightness, but just like standard incandescent lamps LED lights come to full brightness instantly and without the need for any warm-up period. And unlike a standard incandescent lamp the LED lamp will not have a reduced life by constant turning on and off. Most standard energy-saving lamps loose an average of 2hrs life every time they are turned on & off. The initial purchase costs of LED are usually higher than the incandescent or halogen equivalents, but LED lamps save huge amounts of energy from the moment you start using them. Most LED lamps are designed and produced to be direct replacements for standard lamps, making it easy for you to replace the lamps in your home, office, venue or anywhere else you want to start saving energy instantly.