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Renewable Technology For Your Home

There are many different renewable technology systems available today to help you reduce your energy bills, carbon foot print...

Solar PV

Solar photovoltaic (PV) technology converts daylight directly into electricity. This generated electricity can power your business, home, farm or outbuildings.

Solar panels are ideal for urban and rural locations, simply requiring roof or ground area facing between east and west, through south. Solar panels are easily connected to the building’s electricity supply so that you can use the electricity and any excess can be fed back into the national grid to generate an income for you.

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LED Lighting

An LED lamp is a light-emitting diode (LED), or several diodes in a cluster, that are assembled into a lamp shaped body (or light bulb) for use in replacing existing lamps in lighting fixtures.

Because of their unique design LED lamps have a much greater lifespan, and also the energy efficiency of LED lamps can save you up to 90% electricity compared to incandescent lamps, and up to 50% more than most fluorescent lamps or tubes.

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Heat Pumps

An air to water heat pump system uses heat energy present in the outdoor air to heat the house, cool it and also to produce hot water.

They therefore use free energy to heat or cool your home. It only consumes electricity to operate the compressor, the electronics, the pumps and in the event of very low temperatures, the electric elements. The result is very high efficiency and real energy savings, especially when combined with a solar pv system.

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Solar Thermal

Using the suns energy to directly heat up the water in your home is a great way to save money on your energy bills.

Go Green systems are MCS accrediated to install, service & repair solar thermal systems to domestic homes and also larger commercial buildings.

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