Renewable Heat Incentive


The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) is a financial incentive from the government to promote the use of renewable heating solutions in your home. By switching to a heating system that will use naturally replenished energy you can help with the goal of the UK to reduce its carbon emissions and footprint, whilst also receiving payments for doing so.

The scheme is available for households who are both off and also on the mains gas grid, although those without mains gas have the most potential to save on fuel bills and decrease their carbon emissions.

Do I qualify for the RHI?

The Domestic RHI scheme is for renewable energy heating systems fitted to a single home dwelling. The first step is to check that the heating system will be fitted to a property capable of getting a domestic Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). This EPC is the proof needed to prove that your property is assessed as a domestic "dwelling". Without obtaining this you can’t apply and therefore you won’t be able to join the scheme.
Depending on meeting the eligibility criteria anyone can apply. That includes people that own the homes they live in, private and registered social landlords and also self home builders.

Types of applicable heating systems

The types of renewable heating system eligible for the Domestic RHI are:

  • biomass only boilers and biomass pellet stoves.
  • air source heat pumps.
  • ground source heat pumps.
  • solar thermal panels - flat plate or evacuated tube only. Solar thermal panels eligible for the scheme only provide hot water for your home.
    Biomass and heat pump systems must provide space heating (heating rooms in a house) or space and water heating. Under the scheme rules, they have to heat the home using a "wet" central heating system like radiators.
    Also hot water doesn’t include water used to heat a swimming pool or any use which is not domestic hot water heating.

    To find out the current payment please visit the Ofgem website

    Applying for the RHI scheme

    Because renewable heating systems work best in a well insulated home, the Domestic RHI works alongside the Green Deal. This is a government backed initiative to help people make their homes more energy efficient.
    Before applying to the Domestic RHI, you must first:

  • have a Green Deal Assessment carried out for your property. If you’ve already got one, you don’t need another, provided you can supply the Green Deal Advice Report (GDAR) number. You will get an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) as part of your GDAR..
  • install loft and cavity wall insulation if it’s recommended in the EPC. If it is not possible to do this, then you could submit evidence to us as part of your application. See insulation exemption in our reference document.
  • get an updated EPC to verify you’ve installed the loft and cavity wall insulation.

    Ensure you have the right products

    It’s not enough just to have one of the types of renewable heating systems that are eligible for the scheme. The make and model must also meet specific technical requirements. Check your specific product is in the Product eligibility list on the Ofgem website.