Smart Export Guarantee

The Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) Tariff

Since the end of the old Feed-in Tariff a new scheme was released by the Government to enable you to earn money from your solar PV system - by selling to them any of your unused generated electricity that you send back to the grid.

If your have a solar system on your home or business quite often you wont use all of the solar power that you make during the day. Any surplus energy will automatically flow back to the grid as it has to go somewhere. All of the larger energy companies are required to offer at least one “Smart Export Guarantee” (SEG) tariff to you, so you can earn from your surplus energy rather than giving it away for free. We recommended that you contact these energy providers and discuss what tariffs are available to you for your excess renewable energy.

Who is eligible?

Anyone who has a grid connected solar PV system that has a capacity up to 5MW, and exports their surplus power back to the electricity network (after any storage batteries or other smart solar devices such as an immersion heater controllers are satisfised) – yoy cant apply if you have an existing “Feed-in Tariff” agreement in place already.

Smart Export Guarantee Tariff's

Any electricity supplier with over 150,000 customers must offer an SEG tariff, these vary greatly as there is no base line price set other than basically above zero. Therefore, we recommend that you shop around for a deal to suit your generation and usage figures to get the best deal for your home. A good place to start is by searching online for SEG Tariff Charts like this: here

Time Of Use (TOU) Tariffs

Time Of Use (TOU) tariffs that are coming out regularly now with the electricity suppliers. These allow you to charge your battery from the grid at night (at a rate that’s typically a small fraction of the on-peak rate cost), then at the on-peak times of your tariff you would set the battery (and any surplus solar energy at the time) to automatically discharge to help the grid loadings – and typically the price paid to you for exporting 1 kWh (1 unit) at this time is approx. 4 times the cheap night rate price.

What electricity meter do I need?

You will also require a 2-way Smart Meter so that it will take half hourly readings of your export data to work out exactly what you are owed for your clean energy. These meters will enable you to make your system work at its best for you by the use of one of the many new TOU tariffs coming out recently. Your energy supplier is responsible for providing this for you with no costs attached, so please contact them after you have had your solar system installed to discuss your options

What is an Export MPAN?

Once your system has been installed and we have informed your local DNO (district network operator) they will be able to generate an "Export MPAN" which is a number that allows your energy company to process your tariff by linking your systems export connection point and any limitions that may apply to the site that they supply. The export MPAN is different to your import MPAN and once your system has been installed and commissioned the DNO will generate this for you - usually within 4 weeks.