Service & Repair

Solar Thermal Service & Repair

thermal tank

Go Green Systems are MCS accredited to carry out general servicing and also reapirs to solar thermal systems. Regular servicing will optimise the performance of your system whilst protecting it from the affects of the winter months.

We recommend the customer periodically inspects the cleanliness of the solar collectors. Solar collectors are self-cleaning but in extreme circumstances some physical cleaning maybe beneficial. We can provide a cleaning service for these if your system is high, inaccessible, or you just don't fancy climbing a ladder to access your roof; further details are available upon request.
Usually the cylinder manufacturer advises a maximum of 12 months between maintenance/service checks, to coincide with your boiler service schedule. In instances where hard water is found, the combination valve filter must also be cleaned annually to remove lime scale and prevent any problems occurring.
Solar thermal systems also contain antifreeze, this is essential to protecting your system through the typical British winter. A system containing antifreeze requires servicing every two years, this is to check that it will still protect the system from frost, and if required it must be brought to back up to strength - suitable for protection at -30°C, -22°F.

To find out more about serving and repairing your thermal system please contact us.