49.92 kWp Commercial Solar Pv System

Telford Freight Terminal, Shropshire

  • March 2014

Project Description

We were contacted by Telford Freight Terminal to advise on the installation of a large solar pv system to help reduce the running costs of the premisis, and more importantly to help them "do their bit" to help with lowering carbon levels and protect our planet.
“The decision to install Solar PV was a straightforward one” said Ron Coulson, of Telford Freight Terminal. “As well as offering good strong and sound business benefits and a fair return on capital, it is our way of contributing to a healthier environment. Although we have been lucky enough to get the system installed and commissioned before the reduction in the feed in tariff in April we believe that with the increasing efficiency of panels and inverters, falling costs of the hardware, and increasing energy costs it still makes the prospect to other businesses compelling, and we hope they will follow our lead.”

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  • Client:

    Ron Coulson - Telford Freight Terminal:

    "I believe that an investment in solar power for a commercial premises makes both excellent financial returns, and also makes a worthwhile contribution to renewable energy."