42.93 kWp Solar Pv System, West Midlands

D.S Willetts Engineering

  • May 2015

Project Description

DS Willetts have caught the green bug and installed a total of 162 Jinko smart solar panels on to the roof of the company’s premises in Bilston. The building has a large energy demand with welders, presses and plasma cutters working on a daily basis. The array will help reduce the energy usage of the building by quite some margin, this being the main reason for making the move to solar. The array will produce around 33,357kWh of energy per annum with a CO₂ offset of over 17,446kg, this will bring possible energy savings of between £3000-£4500 per annum depending on how much generated energy is used.
The array features three state-of-the-art energy harvesting and performance monitoring inverters from SolarEdge, they work in conjunction with the Jinko smart panels which have SolarEdge optimisers built into them. The main benefit of this is type of system is optimisation which enables modules to work independently, this enables the panels to work to their maximum.

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  • Client:

    Ian Willetts - DS Willetts Engineering