49.82kWp WW2 Aircraft Hangar Pv System

S.A.W McBride's Workshop Hangar

  • December 2015

Project Description

Following on from a previous installation at their warehouse unit, Gordon McBride asked us to visit their converted World War 2 aircraft hangar. Inside is a fully operation engineering production facility, mostly fabricating their own unique "MKerb" sections for commercial building projects so again they have a high electricity usage due to the various machines and plasma cutters.
Due to the nature of the building we installed 3 SolarEdge optimised inverters to overcome the effects of each row of panels being at a different "tilt" angle compared to its neighbour. The system hasn't been turned on for that long yet but has already peaked at 24.5kWh on a winters day in January...

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  • Client:

    Gordon McBride - M-Kerb Workshop Hangar